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They call me the "Dog Angel"...

I have worked with dogs since I was a little girl and find nothing more satisfying than spending quality time with my furry friends.

I am a big believer in Cesar Millan and I incorporate many of his procedures in my training. He is the ultimate pack leader and my hero.

I have been formally trained and have volunteered and worked at many different animal shelters.

My entire world is dogs.

I am based in Hudson, FL and provide dog training, dog walking, pet sitting and boarding for dogs from Port Richey to Spring Hill, including Aripeka, Sea Pines, Hernando Beach, Bayport, Leisure Beach, Bayonet Point, Beacon Square, Jasmine Estates and New Port Richey North of Main Street. Boarding is provided at my home in Hudson.

If you live in West Pasco County or Southwest Hernando County in Florida the Dog Angel can help you!

Dog walker in Hudson and Port Richey, FL

I love, love, LOVE my job! Daycare is especially important for puppies and even those that aren't young anymore. My pack and I teach socialization skills, on and off leash skills, obedience, rules, boundaries, limitations and even tricks. I truly believe that a pack of well-behaved dogs can teach much faster than I can. My pack and I are a great team. I provide a much more  intimate experience by boarding dogs in my home. It is more of an interactive and comfortable atmosphere. I do not use crates unless requested.

I do not believe that dogs are set in their ways but I have met quite a few humans that are. Even an old dog can learn new tricks but if the human isn't willing to change then it's just a waste of time to change the dog.


Please note that transport for your pet can be arranged!

Dog Training

My dog training program teaches dogs to behave well around both people and other animals. The goal is to make them great dogs to be with. Some of this training may deal with behavioral problems like excessive barking, chewing, or housebreaking.

My dog classes also focuses on making dogs obedient to their owners through the use of commands like sit, stay, lie down, etc. I use a lot of Cesar Millan's training methods.

Dog training in Port Richey, Hudson area, FL.

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Boot Camp Dog Training

This is my most popular dog training service. Your pet comes to my house for a week or longer where they will be trained and socialized.

Then when they go home I go show the parents what they have learned and how to keep them on the same schedule of training.

Boot camp works and dogs love it!

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Dog Walking

You have a last minute meeting or are working long hours? If you have a busy life and don't have time to walk your dog he or she will get bored. Give your dog (and yourself) a break.

I will provide your dog with walks, exercise and socialization. Your best friend will be much happier and so will you.

Dog walking in Port Richey, Hudson area in Florida.

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Pet Sitting

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure or day trips with the family, I will give you and your pet a secure, caring and stress free alternative to boarding.

The next time you can’t get home for lunch or dinner to let your dog out, you need to leave town for work or vacation, or if an ailment or injury limits your ability and you need someone you can trust to care for your pets and home, call the Dog Angel!

Pet Sitting in Port Richey, Hudson area in Florida.

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Day Care & Boarding

When you're out and about I will make sure your dog has the best care available. Why dog day care? I provide boarding in my home. I provide a safe and secure environment for your pet to play, run, and socialize with other dogs.

At my home I offer active play and mental stimulation that keeps pets happy and healthy. Throughout the day dogs will enjoy the benefits of both indoor and outdoor play areas that are both fun and entertaining.

Doggy daycare in Port Richey, Hudson area in Florida.

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We are so thankful for the training and dog walking you have provided our Lincoln. Having you walk him midday made us feel at ease and we knew he was in good hands! (Loved and appreciated the pictures!) We are also VERY appreciative of your boarding services and have enjoyed a few nights away, again, knowing he was well taken care of.

Playing with the other dogs was a bonus and he is such a pack animal. Every time we pass your house, he wants to visit.


George, Vicki, Nicolas (and Lincoln)


My experience with the Dog Angel has been phenomenal. My 3 year old boxer was just over 1 when we met and was fairly good @ listening. My husband and I often watched Cesar Millan on TV so when we met the Dog Angel we saw 1st hand that she had really studied his behavioral practices. She has worked wonders with Milo and so many other dogs since we met.

It's true that it's usually the owners that have to be trained; not the dog. She showed us how to be the pack leader and not give in to his every whim. I would recommend the Dog Angel for any sitting, training or exercising of your furry friends.

Your biggest fan Dog Angel, Shari Mann.


Jeri was beyond amazing with our 7 year old Pit Rocky. He has always had a fear of the pool/water and she was able to get him swimming in no time. She was so great with him and was great at explaining how she was able to make it happen. She was accommodating with our schedules and listened to our concerns. Overall we couldn’t be happier with her and will absolutely be using her in the future. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to see results with their dogs.


Jeri is so good with our Lily, a maltipoo. Lily feels right at home there. She treats Lily as if she is one of her own. Lily even gets to sleep on their bed, like she does at home. She gets 2 nice walks a day, and play time in their pool and more. She gets rest when needed. Each time I've picked Lily up from her stay, she's been bathed and smells fresh and clean. I highly recommend Jeri (Dog Angel) for anyone needing someone to not only care for, but Jeri will love your dog while you are on vacation. I have complete confidence in Lily's care and guidance with Jeri.

Sara Marquiss


Being new to the area we were looking for cage free boarding / daycare. Sandy is a very high energy pointer retriever, a Vizsla. Chose to do boarding for our upcoming trip with Dog Angle, Jeri. To make sure everything was going to be ok for a week of boarding Sandy did an initial day of Daycare. All went well a very tiered dog was returned to us. Sandy must of loved all the activists of the day, Walks, Rides, and playing with others. The week of boarding was a repeat of activities and we returned to a tired but happy dog. During the course of our vacation with Jeri caring for sandy, many pictures were sent to us with caption updates. This made the experience even more enjoyable by lowering anxiety. It was like checking in without actually checking in. We already booked Dog Angel, Jeri for our next trip knowing that Sandy will be well taken care of and possibly having a better time then us.

Bob and Antoinette


While we were gone for several week, she took care of our nearly 17 year old dog, Woodiem. She did a spectacular, loving job

Including watering plants, getting mail in, watching the pool etc. Could not have asked for more! Will definitely hire the Dog Angel again and give great references!

Kathy V., Hudson, FL

After the loss of our beloved lab, we decided to add a new furry family member. Shortly after getting our Springer Spaniel puppy, we moved to Port Richey. Our very hectic schedule consisted of unpacking, taking care of the needs of a puppy who was not yet housebroken or crate trained and acquainting ourselves with a new area was a bit overwhelming. We needed a sitter for our puppy so we could familiarize ourselves with the area and get our shopping done.
Many calls were made to pet sitters and doggie day care centers. I was appalled at how some of the businesses were run! Example: we let the dogs run wild or we charge you $16.00 for a bath because we let them dig holes and they have fun. REALLY, you can’t be serious?

Very dishearten we decided to make one last call. This call was to DOG ANGEL
During our conversation with Jeri you could feel the compassion in her voice. Shortly thereafter we met with her. She is an amazing woman! Her love, patience and compassion for God’s furry babies is so very genuine.

Our puppies first day with her was very educational for us. We got out of our vehicle, and there he was in the yard with other dogs and he had no leash! In her calm manner she informed us she was the Omega and pack leader. He followed her without a leash, never leaving her side. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES! Jeri doesn’t just sit and watch the dogs or let them run wild, she engages them in many activities. She has helped our boy excel in everything! She has taught us so much. You will NEVER find a better trainer or sitter!!


A woman who takes your baby under her wing. She protects and teaches. She emanates a glowing spirit of love, sympathy, strength, knowledge and compassion. She lives for the happiness of furry babies and their well being! She is truly an angel!!

Thank you Jeri,



Jeri is amazing! Our two Springer Spaniels, Daren and Lily stayed at her home for 8 nights while we were away on vacation. Daren and Lily were on their own vacation too. They had daily walks/hikes, rides, swimming, beach and training time. I was really afraid they would not want to come home.

Lily who is a rescue dog and 2 years old can be a little difficult. I felt bad Lily was pushing Jeri’s boundaries and she told me not to worry, this is her job and they would get through it and they did.

Jeri sent me photos of our dogs several times a day and all the photos had all the dogs sitting quietly and posing for the camera. My husband said “how does she do that?”. We looked forward to our daily photos and updates of our babies.

When we got home with Daren and Lily I noticed they were bathed, smelling wonderful and their ears were cleaned. Anyone who has a Springer Spaniel knows how dirty their ears can get and they were spotless.

We are so excited we have someone that loves our babies as much as we do and we would recommend her to everyone.

Jeri truly is a Dog Angel!

Maureen & Paul Williams


I recently hurt my back and could not take care of my sweet Baby. Jeri lives in my neighborhood which is truly a blessing from the Lord. She has been taking care of Baby for the last seven days.

She sent me pictures continuously keeping me informed of their activities. In the seven days that she had her, she was also training her, which is awesome. I finally felt well enough so Baby could come home, and when Jeri dropped her off Baby cried for her for a good while. She also dropped her off smelling very sweet from a nice bath. And she was also very tired which is very nice in the evening. I have to say Jeri is an excellent "dog angel" not to mention "people angel" she went above and beyond, she saved the day for me. I will continue to bring my Baby over there for daycare.

Rennie Christ



Areas that I service for dog training, dog walking and boarding.

Port Richey

New Port Richey



Sea Pines

Bayonet Point

Beacon Square

Jasmine Estates

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